Frequently Asked Questions

1) What year will the new camp open?

The first year will be 2020. We are accepting applications now.

2) Where will the new camp be built?

The new camp is being built on the hill that overlooks the back lake, right past Natural Fountains. Click here to see a map that shows where both camps are located.

3) Will the new camp have the same tribes?

Yes! Campers will still draw either Tonk or Kiowa on their first night.

4) How will the camps be different?

The main difference will just be the location. We will be running the same program, with the same ideals, traditions, songs, activities, events, and friendships. We want you to be able to go to either camp and feel like you understand what it means to go to Mystic.

5) How will the old camp be affected by this?

It will be pretty minimal. The Guadalupe River camp will be able to do the same things as always. Campers will still be able to go to Natural Fountains, hike up God’s Mountain, and all the riding and hiking trails will remain the same.


6) What about cookouts? Will you still have them at the Lake & Naturals?

Yes! It is something we are going to try hard to keep the same. We were thinking that maybe for the cookouts, the camps could switch places, with the new camp having their cookout on the Guadalupe.


7) Will the new cabins be similar to the old camp?

Yes. The cabins will be just as nice as the older camp, and be very similar to the Wiggle Inn design.


8) Will the new camp share tribe hills or have their own?

We will build two new tribe hills in the new location.


9) Why are you building the new camp?

We have had the dream of building a separate camp for a very long time. It is the reason why, in the early eighties, we built the dam and created the lake. Right now, we are at the point where we need to do it. God has blessed us with the tremendous success of the existing camp. But we are having to turn people away because we are just too full. To keep up with the demand, we have slowly expanded the size of existing camp and in the mid-80s we even started 3rd term. If we expand the camp any more, we feel like it would start to change the program and its value. So, building the new camp is really the best way to preserve the existing camp and let more girls experience the Mystic ideals.


10) If my daughter is on the waitlist, how will this affect her?

If you are currently on the waitlist, you will just have more options to choose from. Right now you can sign up for all terms, and set preferences as to which term you want first. Or you can just sign up for only one term. As always, we will place campers by their application date.

We are hoping that this will help empty the waitlist as well as encourage parents who otherwise wouldn’t even apply.


11) How many campers do you expect the first year?

That is hard to say. We have projected 150-200 campers each session. However, when we first started 3rd term in the 80s, the demand was much higher than we anticipated.


* We will be updating this page with more questions and answers as we get them. We also will be posting pictures of the construction as it is being completed. *


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