Frequently Asked Questions – Summer 2020

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Last Updated: June 27, 2020


The health and safety of our campers and staff continues to be our highest priority year after year especially this summer. It is important to us that you understand all the decisions and changes that we will make in order for you to make an informed decision to attend camp this summer. The information and guidelines from the state and governor are subject to change as you well know in this fluctuant COVID-19 environment, and we will monitor the information and adjust our protocols up until the day camp opens. Please know that we are working prayerfully around the clock as a family, alongside the camp community, and with our medical team to create the best practices for summer 2020! Ultimately, the choice to come to camp this summer is up to you and we want you to feel confident in that decision after reading the information we are providing.

Most of our parents have expressed a desire for their daughters to come to camp but if you have hesitations about this summer you do have options. You can transfer your balance to next year or receive a full refund should you choose to cancel. We understand that you need to make the choice that is best for your family.

Thank you so much for all your great questions. We will continue to update this page with questions and answers as we receive them.


Cohorts or Groups

This summer we are organizing campers in five groups called “cohorts”. The cohorts will be organized by grades and cabins with color wrist bands for each cohort. They will distance themselves from the other cohorts as much as possible during the term. We will all eat and sing together at the dining hall but will sit with our special cohort groups during the meal with six foot space between each cohort. We will take activities with our cohort group, but will let each camper choose her custom activity schedule with at least five activity options per activity time. At evening events, we will all sit with our cohort group to maximize social distancing while being able to enjoy evening events together with 6 foot spacing between each cohort group. The counselors assigned to the cabins in the cohort will also travel with their own cohort at all daytime activities and evening activities. As long as you are six feet away from a camper in a different cohort, you can still be around them and spend time together.


Opening Day

  • What are the arrival times for Opening Day?
  • Arrival Times (by cohort)
    2:00PM (day before Opening) – 11th grade – Aides arrive
    9:00AM – completed grades 8th, 9th, and 10th
    10:00AM – completed grades 6th and 7th
    11:00AM – completed grades 4th and 5th
    12:00PM – completed grades 2nd and 3rd
    If you have siblings in different cohorts (other than Aide age group), please come at the designated time most convenient for you. If you need to arrive later than your designated time, please let us know.

    Arrival Times (5TH TERM ONLY)
    10:00AM – 11:00AM: Joyful Noise, Easy Does It, Lakeside
    11:00AM – 12:00PM: Snuggle Inn, Suite Dreams, Ladybug Lodge, Twinkle Hut

  • What will Opening Day look like?
    • We will send you detailed instructions about Opening Day prior to your arrival.
  • Where will the campers be dropped off on Opening Day and who will greet them?
    • They will be dropped off at the camp office greeted by their enthusiastic counselors, much like other years!
  • What about luggage drop off?
    • There will be a station to drop off luggage, 1 trunk and 1 duffle bag. Use our provided luggage tags. No size restriction on the duffle bag.
  • Will the Commissary be open on Opening Day for parents?
    • No. Please fax or email your gift bag order form to us prior to the start of your daughter’s term. You can find the gift bag form and items available for purchase HERE.
  • Can my camper bring her own rifle or bow?
    • Yes! No need for a luggage tag on either.
  • Will parents be able to properly say goodbye to their daughters?
    • Yes, you will be able to say goodbye with a huge hug. After your parent leaves, your counselors will help make your bed, unpack belongings, and get settled into your cabin



Partner with us the week before camp and do your best to social distance away from non-family members, wearing a face mask around non-family members, and avoiding any non-essential travel. We are also asking you to complete a health screening form for 7 days prior to your arrival.

  • Transportation to camp from out of state?
    • The Texas Governor lifted the travel restrictions coming into Texas, so we will follow his recommendations at this point and will not require a quarantine before camp.
    • All campers arriving from out of state via airplane will need to be driven to camp by a parent or guardian as we are not offering airport transportation.
  • We are coming from out of state and usually ship our trunk. Am I still able to ship my daughter’s trunk this year?
    • Yes! Please make sure the camper’s name and cabin is clearly labeled on the trunk.
  • Are your counselors performing a quarantine before the camp season?
    • Yes! They will perform a 7 day self-quarantine at home and a 7 day temperature log before camp season starts. In addition to self-quarantining and the temperature log, every counselor is required to have a negative PCR test result within 10 days of arriving to camp.
  • Why do you recommend a 10 to 14 day quarantine after camp?
    • This was recommended by the Texas Governor to mitigate the potential for community spread after camp in a typically asymptomatic population.
  • Will we still be able to get pre-checked at participating Lice Clinics of America locations to skip the head check line on Opening Day?
    • Yes! Just like in years past, you will be able to get your camper’s head checked within 7 days of her arrival at camp. You can view more information HERE.
  • When will we receive our mailed information (luggage tags, health screening form, gift bag form, Opening Day instructions, etc.)?
    • You should receive your luggage tags, Opening Day instructions, and other important pre-arrival information via mail at least two weeks before your term begins.
  • I remember submitting doctor physical paperwork in the past, but cannot find the form anywhere. Is this still required?
    • New this year, the Physicians Exam is no longer required. All required forms are electronic and need to be submitted through your CampinTouch account HERE.
  • Is the packing list modified from last year?
    • Yes and you can view it HERE. Please remember all belongings (fan, pillow, shower catty, etc.) must be able to fit inside the trunk or duffle. No loose items please!


While At Camp

  • How will the campers social distance?
    • The following information is taken from the Governor’s guidelines to follow when reopening overnight summer camps. It will help understand the cohort model we have adopted for summer 2020:

      “To the extent possible, separate campers and staff into groups or cohorts that remain consistent over the camp session. Discourage mixing between groups or cohorts. Consider programs that operate by groups defined by age/grade or bunks with dining/activity cohorts that may include single or a group of bunks.”

  • Can campers go into other cabins?
    • Yes they can go into other cabins within their cohort group.
  • How many times will laundry go out?
    • 2 times each term.
  • Will we have evening activities as a camp or will we be having to do things only with our cabin or grade level?
    • We will have several of the same traditional evening activities and we will all be able to sit in front of Rec Hall or James Hall together sectioned off by cohort, separated by 6 feet.
  • Will campers be able to have big and little sisters this year?
    • Yes! This year will be special and fun and we will have Big and Lil Sis Pen Pals!
  • Will campers be required to wear a mask during camp activities?
    • Campers will receive a mask upon their arrival at camp and will be asked to have them on when going into the dining hall, when we gather all together, and to their activities. This is in the governors guidelines to wear a mask whenever possible. The times at camp when it is harder to social distance we will want them to have them on. It’s the neck mask that just sits like a necklace and can be pulled up when/if needed.
  • Will campers be able to send/receive mail?
    • Yes, of course! Unfortunately, we are not allowing packages. Only US mail and email will be allowed. Your camper will also have the option to send you a handwritten letter reply if you select the “handwritten eLetter reply” on the Email section of your CampinTouch account. You can read more about how it works HERE. You must have available CampStamps to view the Email page on your CampinTouch account.



  • What will the dining hall look like?
    • Campers will eat with their cabin groups and sit in a designated cohort area. Each cohort will be separated from the other cohorts by appropriate distances.
    • We will still all eat together, family style and will sing in the dining hall!
    • There will be aides assigned to your cohort group the entire term and they will help the same way that they have in the past by serving the tables and getting refills of platters. They will wear gloves and a mask when delivering food, and yes, the aides will still do the “Slue Foot Sue!”



  • Will we have to do all of our activities together as a cabin?
    • We are excited to be able to provide each cohort with at least 5 different activity choices per class period. We understand that not everyone wants to take the same things. Campers will still be able to choose their activity schedules, just like in the past. Plus we will still have Adds and Drops after the first day of classes!
  • How many classes will campers be allowed to take?
    • 1st, 2nd, and 5th terms – 9 activities
    • 3rd and 4th terms – 10 activities
  • Which activities will NOT be offered this year?
    • Hunter Safety
    • Snorkeling



  • What does Field Day look like?
    • We will play all the same Field Day games. The cheering members of the tribe will cheer them on with their cohort groups!
  • Will there be War Canoe?
    • Yes!
  • Will we have tribe games, tribe hill, campfire?
    • Yes, yes, and YES!
    • You will sit within your cohort and each cohort will be separated by 6 feet.



  • How is camp going to handle campers who get sick?
    • We will treat any camper that comes down with an illness the way we always treat them – at the Infirmary and per the standing orders of our doctor.
  • What will protocol be when someone has a fever?
    • The protocols for fevers will stay the same as it has been in past years. Our veteran nursing staff will perform a health assessment on the child and treat the symptoms as we always have.
  • What is the protocol should a camper present with symptoms of COVID-19? What would happen if someone did test positive while at camp?
    • If a camper shows signs and symptoms of COVID-19, her parents will be notified and Mystic will coordinate with Peterson Regional Medical Center in Kerrville to get the camper tested. The camper will be isolated with one nurse. Should the camper test positive, she will be picked up by her parents. Should the camper test negative, she will return to camp.
    • If someone tests positive at camp, we will notify all parents via E-mail and you would have the choice to come get your daughter from camp.
  • Who is the medical staff that will be onsite during camp?
    • Each term we will have 3 RNs who have a direct line to our on-call Pediatrician.


Closing Day

  • Will parents be able to attend the awards ceremony?
    • This year’s awards ceremony will be campers only.
  • What time will pick up be on Closing Day?
    • Between 12:00PM-2:00PM. After our awards ceremony, there will be staggered pick up times again by cohort.
    • Closing Day Pick-up Times (by cohort)
      12:00PM – completed grades 2nd and 3rd
      12:30PM – completed grades 4th and 5th
      1:00PM – completed grades 6th and 7th
      1:30PM – completed grades 8th and 9th
      2:00PM – completed grades 10th and 11th

      If you have siblings in different cohorts, please come at the youngest sister’s pick up time.

Thank you for submitting your questions. Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any more. We will have ongoing updates as we get closer to camp and as some of these guidelines are subject to change. We appreciate our wonderful families and are looking forward to welcoming your daughters as we are praying for a safe and healthy summer! Thank you for your love and patience.

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